What is Play My Auctions?

Play My Auctions is a software platform which gives the fan a chance to win, by live auction, the items the players and performers are using during live events, World Wide. Be it an athletic event, musical event or even a political event. Items such as jerseys, batting gloves, shoes, microphones or guitars are made available through our on-line auction platform.

Imagine Any Event World Wide

  • Athletic Events

    Watching the Canadian Open, live, at the event or at home. Your favourite golfer is about to tee it up and you own the golfball.

  • Musical Events

    You are rocking out at a concert and you own your favourite musicians microphone. And you're half-way around the world.

  • Political Events

    Witnessing history as the new commander in chief delivers his Inaugral Speech and you own his tie!

Charitable Global Reach

Every good idea comes from inspiration and everyone has a different interpretation of what has meaning to them. Our experiences have shaped our corporate values of giving back and helping others. The purple icon you see in this section will be displayed everytime donations are being made to a charity. Our aim is to provide charitable foundations the ability to expand their reach.

An Interactive, Fun and Unique experience for the fan.

People are fascinated by all the great performers and athletes that play the songs and games they love. The fan is an integral part of these events. Offering the best possible fan experience is paramount to an event’s success. History is filled with magical historic sporting, musical and political events that bring nations and people together. Play My Auctions…was created with this in mind.